GoSat Box

The GoSat Box: a satellite internet connexion kit

The GoSat Box is designed to make your life easier. Our Satellite Internet Connection Kit is basically all you need to start accessing the Internet. It is practical thanks to small, easy-to-install satellite dishes. GoSat is based on advanced satellite technology.

GoSaT Box is the offer that allows you to have all the necessary equipment for a good reception of the satellite signal (an antenna, a modem, an iLNB, connection cables.)

Discover the technical elements essential to the proper operation of your satellite internet connection below


Price alone: 110€


The GOSAT 74cm Rx / Tx Standard Ka-Band Antenna is a robust and high quality product suitable for the most demanding use.


  • The reflector is made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester to strengthen the antenna and improve accuracy. Skyware Global developed this technology to ensure a High RF reflectivity matching the need for Ka Band operation.
  • The Az / El precision bracket is made of galvanized steel providing excellent corrosion resistance. This assembly includes special functions to increase pointing accuracy with low clearance and locking error.
  • The antenna is installed on a 73mm standard[2-7 / 8″] OD thanks to the Az / El bracket .
  • All equipment is plated to 720 hours of salt spray standards tested in accordance with ASTM B-117.
  • Designed for use with the Skyware Global range of Ka-band supply packages.
  • Tx Cross-Polarization Isolation of 25dB (in 1dB b / w) or better for CP Application.
  • Excellent Tx Port to Port Isolation of 90dB or higher.
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of the regulatory authority.
  • System designed for the RF electronics typical of the Ka-band.

Price alone: 45€

iLnB 1W Ka-Band ODU

The ODU is designed to address a wide range of high speed connectivity requirements. As a result, it meets the expectations of individuals, large and small companies, and public procurement. The ODU is mounted on a range of antennas including the GoSaT 74cm Rx/Tx antenna. It is also fully compatible with the Hughes HN,HX and HT System families.

Controlled and powered by the satellite router with an IFL cable (integrated transmission, LNB reception plus OMT), the Ka ODU has many sophisticated features. These features include simplifying installation and making the most of the satellite connection.


  • High availability feature support
  • Closed loop power control between hub and remote control
  • Dynamic changes in outgoing coding and modulation based on the received signal
  • The dynamic incoming coding changes according to the reception of the signal
  • Dynamic dynamic uplink power control

Price alone: 75€

Modem HTS 2200

The IP Modem HTS 2200 offered by GoSat is a powerful new generation satellite terminal. t provides high-speed broadband access to all users.


  • The HTS 2200 terminal supports the advanced DVB-S2X broadband channel, offering the best performance for your satellite internet connection.
  • The return channel uses powerful and advanced low density parity coding (LDPC). It is associated with Adaptive Routing Selection (AIS) for optimized results.
  • The HTS 2200 offers the best throughput performance, offering up to 200 Mbps. It also has the ability to support the most demanding bandwidth applications.

In addition to the advanced technology equipment presented above, the GoSat Box contains the following cables:

  • Ethernet cable
  • 30m coaxial cable
  • Power supply cable
  • Grounding kit

These cables are necessary for the installation and operation of the reception system for your satellite internet connection.

Moreover, a GoSat WiFi option can be included to make your Internet use easier.

To fix the antenna, it may also be necessary to purchase a tri-mast. As the latter is not always required for installation, it is not included in the GoSat Box.

Still in order to facilitate your steps to install the satellite internet connection kit, GoSat offers you a tri-mast for the price of 44 €.

GoSat Box trimat