GoSat Cyber Security

GoSat Cyber Security Softwares

At GOSAT we are proud to offer you a safe Satellite Internet Connection with our cyber security softwares. You can enjoy your Internet connection in peace.

This service is available in five  GCS (GoSat Cyber Security) packs on which you will find more information below.


Protect your portal and user interface online.

A study has shown that nearly 67% of clicks and access attempts on websites come from robots. These set the stage for hackers who are looking to access your computer system via the Internet. Protect yourself, your data and your customers’ data now with GoSecure.

GoSecure analyzes in the background the behavior of users on your sites with advanced bio-chronometric algorithms. It allows your system to check whether a visitor is a machine or a human being. As a result, it grants them access or not to the website.


Optimize your mailboxes and eliminate spam, emails from robots with GoFreeSpam

Go e-DNA

Use our secure authentication system designed with the DNA: Go e-DNA procedure

More and more companies are using security protocols based on Electronically Defined Natural Attributes (e-DNA). We have adapted this protocol for businesses. Firms wanting an identification system close to biometric identifiers can use it on their websites and applications. The system records biometric data in the background according to the user’s behaviour. The time spent on the site or the place of access for example. This provides a level of confidence in your platform for each user.

Once implemented, Go e-DNA makes your accesses tamper-proof by creating a discreet digital signature for users. This allows your platform to validate subsequent accesses more quickly.


Implement the Device Recognition Procedure (DRP) which identifies the user platform in less than 100ms to validate access to your platform after 1000 auto test.


GoCrypto is our encryption system for your data based on the Jcrypt process.

Jcrypt was designed for banking security and is popular among most financial institutions around the world. We have adapted this process so that all companies that want a high level encrypted system can easily implement and use it. GoCrypto uses a top layer layer to bypass all harmful layers. Once implemented, GoCrypto makes all your encoded data (in HTML for example) invisible to rogue bots.