GoSat WiFi

GoSat WiFi: Satellite Internet Connection WiFi by power line

Are there any rooms in your home where WiFi Satellite Internet Connection is bad or even non-existent?

Due to the size of the place where you want to have the Internet, a wireless router may not be able to provide sufficient coverage to reach all corners of the area.

But, by adding a “LAFI” or a “BUFI”, you can bring high-speed wifi everywhere in your location! No more dead zones!

GoSat offers to expand your Wi-Fi network using existing power lines. Nothing could be done easier. Connect the “Encoder” (see illustration below) to the router and plug it into the wall socket. The existing power line will turn into a network cable. Wherever you need WiFi, simply connect our Plug and Play “BUFI” or “LAFI” (see illustration below). No need for additional settings or cables. It is a very practical and intelligent solution to make the most of your satellite internet connection!

GoSat WiFi equipment: ENCODER, LAFI, BUFI

Features and Functions

Say goodbye to all areas not covered by WiFI in your house!

  • 300Mbps power line speed, ideal for 4K HD streaming and delay-free gaming
  • 1 paired unit encoder 6 Mixed LAFI and BUFI, fully covers all rooms in your home
  • Full-color RGBW, provide all the color you need, supported on a mobile application
  • Adjustable brightness: press the button to control the brightness or adjust it from the mobile application
  • Plug and Play, no need to install additional software or settings
  • Provides the network connection with the modification of the WiFi password by APP
  • Energy savings – wifi and light work separately. Turn off the light, WiFi is still there
  • No need for more network cables