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GoSat provides you with a quality satellite internet connection. But it doesn’t stop there!

Indeed, in order to meet all our customers’ needs, we have developed a whole range of additional internet services. These internet services are designed to be complementary with your Internet connection, both for individuals and professionals.

GoSat attaches great importance to the quality of its products, which guarantees you services based on the latest technologies.

With GoSat Internet Services you will enjoy your internet connection even more and at a lower cost!

From satellite reception equipment to WiFi solutions, installation and Cyber Security, discover all the GoSat Internet Services that will make your life easier!

The GoSat Box

The GoSat Box includes all the equipment necessary for the installation and reception of the satellite signal.

The equipment used is obviously high-tech equipment.

The fact of grouping the equipment in a single package reduces transport costs and makes it affordable for all budgets!

GoSat Equipment Installation

You have chosen to access high-speed Internet via GoSat and you have purchased your GoSat Box? Congratulations!

But you’re not sure if you know how to install it properly? No problem!

GoSat technicians come to your home to install all the equipment and configure the internet connection. You can trust them, they are real experts with more than 20 years of experience at Afrikanet!

If our technicians are unable to visit you, we will put you in touch with a partner company that will take care of it. These companies are rigorously selected for the quality of their service and their professionalism.

To find out more about the countries where we and our partners operate, click here.

GoSat Cyber Security

Your satellite internet connection is now active. Do you want to be able to browse the Internet in a way that respects your privacy?

At GoSat, we have understood this. And that’s why we are proud to offer you our various cyber security softwares.

Decide on your level of protection on the Web and use the Internet safely!

GoSat WiFi

Your internet connection is now active and secure? Everything is for the best.

However, some rooms in your home may be poorly covered by the WiFi network. Is the Internet unusually slow in some rooms?

GoSat has the answer to this problem! Instead of multiplying cables, GoSat offers you an intelligent solution based on existing power lines.

Discover our WiFi solution quickly and enjoy high-speed Internet everywhere!

Our special offers

Our special offers

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Satellite Internet Connection Packages

Satellite Internet Connection Packages

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GoSat and partners Coverage

GoSat and partners Coverage

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